Type: Finn Power

Model: C6+LST

Manufacturing year: 2006

CNC Siemens 840D

Max sheet size: 1500 x 3000 mm

Automatic loading, unloading and sorting robot LST

Double loading table and double unloading table

Unloading integrated device UDC

Punching force: 300 kN

Brush tables

Turret: 20 stations: 12 fixed (11B, 1C), 7 index (2Bi, 1Ci, 4Di) and 1MT24-8

n.4 clamps + PCS (automatic clamps positioning)

Vacuum scrap conveyor SC1V

Lifting scrap conveyor SC2

Work chute 500×500 mm.

Component from work chute conveyor PC1

CE Mark

Safety systems

Maintenance and user manuals

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