Used machines you've never seen

Lamieraservizi arises from Fernando Gabriele and Silvio Guerresi initiative and strenght deriving from over 20 years experience with Prima Power Group, with the purpose to guarantee customer reliability and competence in sheet metal used machines supply.

Our company, Prima Power official partner, manages the purchase, overhaul and resale of machines such as laser, punch-press, combi-laser, combi-shear, press-brakes, bending cells and systems. Thanks to the machines wide range, constantly improved and updated, Lamieraservizi meets the most different market needs, fulfilling the demand of both the big and strenghtened industrial organizations and the new devoloping companies.

Reliability, efficiency and expertise are our strong points and inspiring principles: attention to products quality and to activities performed by skilled personnel, proved also by our customers’ consideration, let Lamieraservizi reach a fast success both in national and international areas, allowing us to play an important role in sheet metal production used machines market.

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